Wayne McMillIan

Wayne McMillian

VP of Operations

As the VP of Operations, Wayne is responsible for the daily operations of the organization, ensuring that all projects, schedules, and day-to-day procedures are exceeding expectations. With over 16 years of experience as a Project Manager and Estimator, Wayne provides an extensive background in condominium and multifamily construction. Wayne is a detail-oriented team player that is success driven and solutions centered. Maintaining a safety focused approach, Wayne leads teams to achieve projects on-time, on-budget, and help to the highest standards.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Wayne contributes to his community through active involvement in the non-profit Heroin Kills Dreams, an organization that raises funds to support local drug rehabilitation and transitional living programs. Along with his wife, Wayne rallies support and builds a large team for the NKY Hate Heroin 5K, raising over $40,000.

Contact Information

Office Phone | 513.751.4440


Fun Facts:


With both of Wayne’s children involved in theater programs, Wayne enjoys assisting in the theater set construction for multiple local schools, as well as attending the performances.


I learned early in my career, “The craftsmen and the laborers are the backbone of this industry.” I have always valued the knowledge and expertise that they bring to the job.


University of Kentucky Wildcats