The Oswald Philosophy

visionaries, experts,
partners, builders.

At Oswald, we are a team of visionaries, industry experts, reliable partners and dedicated builders. We believe building a strong team requires diversity and inclusion in order to be successful. As an extension of our client’s business, we think like an owner. We take pride in helping them reach their goals and creating new environments for their employees and customers to thrive. To achieve this we develop strong, long-lasting relationships with each and every client through outstanding customer service.

“Everyone at Oswald is truly willing to help, teach and learn. I see it from the very top all the way down to our project engineers and co-ops. In the nearly seven years I have been here, I don't think I have ever heard anyone say, 'That's not my job”.

– Denise Harris
Project Administrator

Our vision

"To develop an environment that encourages our project team to collaborate and learn, not only to create a superior project, but also a lasting relationship with our clients,” pushes us to continue to reach new heights. Therefore, we bring owners, architects and trade contractors together to share knowledge and common goals. As a result, project schedules are shortened, costs are reduced and jobsite safety is improved.

Oswald Construction Culture