No Two Projects are Alike

What works for one client may not work for another, therefore, we offer a variety of delivery methods to better meet each client’s needs. As an extension of your business, we are readily available to consult with you, helping to work through your needs such as financing, real estate investment and the long-term strategic growth of your business. Our clients can rest assured knowing they can rely on our combination of industry expertise and executive level knowledge every step of the way.


We draw on the experience and capability of our professionals to provide a single source for clients seeking development services such as:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Market research and project feasibility
  • Site selection and feasibility
  • Financial and transaction analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Cash flow analysis

In an environment where time is money, we understand that project success relies on maximizing your financial returns. We offer flexible partnership arrangements such as build-to-suit, sale-leaseback and other creative structures depending on the financial goals of a development and construction project.

The Preconstruction process is useful to evaluate the constructability of the project and identify opportunities for value engineering. This process takes out many of the unknowns of a project and reduces risks for the owner. Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made at the initial stages of the job. Combining skilled professionals with an open and collaborative approach, Oswald’s comprehensive preconstruction services offer advantages on projects of various sizes and complexities. Below you will find a brief description of what to expect during this phase.

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Our goal is to generate sufficient thought, insight and communication that the big picture of the project is well understood by all project participants. This is where we ensure a good foundation for the project.

This is where we determine if the scope of the work conforms to the budget, and suggest areas for cost savings based on our experience.

We want to make sure that what is being designed is reflected accurately in the plans. We also take the opportunity to simplify and clarify details consistent with industry practice so bidders don’t fill their bids with high priced contingencies.

We will schedule the entire project, start to finish. By identifying key milestones, we will be able to drive towards project completion in an organized and predetermined manner.

This is an often overlooked area of the industry. We eliminate senseless delays by directly procuring long lead items and storing them until needed at the site.

We’re looking to confirm that the site will conform to the requirements of the project without excessive cost or future surprises.

Our relationships and experience will bring valuable assistance to meeting agency requirements.

At this point of the project, we take a final look at scope and cost to make sure that we are on budget prior to finalizing design.

This is a key opportunity to finally consider the financial viability of the project prior to committing significant expenditures in the construction phase.

This is the area where we competitively bid all the trade work for the project. Our process is focused on getting complete bids at competitive prices.

Our building professionals are seasoned in the management of commercial and institutional construction, with a focus on construction management at risk. Using Lean Construction methods, our team focuses on time and cost sensitive items such as site safety, material procurement, fast-track scheduling, and management to deliver a product that exceeds the client’s needs. Some of our services include:

  • Green building and sustainable construction methods, including LEED®
  • Last Planner Scheduling
  • Subcontractor procurement and administration
  • Project management and field supervision
  • Safety management
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Commissioning and project close-out

Our design-build process is perfect for busy owners who want to take a more streamlined approach to their construction project. Through this process the owner has one contact, an Oswald Project Manager, responsible for both design and construction.

The collaboration and transparency that develops through the design-build process between the owner, Oswald and the architect ensures that project drawings are more accurate and complete, the construction budget is more precise and pre-construction issues are addressed before building begins. Design-build projects have a shorter project schedule overall, allowing construction activities to start earlier.

Advantage for the Owner:

  • The owner has a single-source responsible for the project.
  • The owner can obtain budget pricing through each stage of the design, allowing the owner and project team to guide the design to meet the project budget. 
  • The cost for the design is buried within the construction cost.
  • The owner will benefit by lower initial cost than under the traditional design-bid-build process.
  • The owner will benefit by a short project duration, design and construction progresses on a concurrent basis.

Our experienced Project Managers act as an extension of your staff, partnering with you to provide effective solutions and results on your building project. We focus on time and cost sensitive items such as material procurement, fast-track scheduling, subcontractor management and site safety to deliver a product that exceeds your needs.

Benefits of an Owner’s Project Manager:

  • Flexibility: Allows you to level out the peaks and valleys in your project work without having to hire a full-time employee.
  • Reduced Costs: Provides an opportunity to maintain or lower your overhead costs.
  • Experience: Our seasoned professionals understand the changing construction industry and draw upon decades of experience to provide effective solutions that meet your cost and schedule goals.
  • Consistency: We work closely with you to provide seamless, integrated solutions and expected results for your construction program – every time.
  • Partnership: You have a single point of contact, giving you a high level of trust. We understand your organizational process, systems and expectation levels – and we deliver.