Last Planner: Optimizing Workflow

a collaborative approach

Traditional construction management involves having a project manager plan out a typical schedule before a project begins. This schedule has slack time built in to account for any problems that arise during construction and logistical challenges. What if these issues were solved before work begins?

At Oswald, we empower our field personnel and trade foremen to plan the daily schedule, coordinate deliveries and negotiate among themselves to determine the most efficient way to get the job done. As a result, our clients are saving significant time and money on construction projects.

building a team based on trust

“Oswald has been utilizing Lean methods which have helped us reduce time and waste throughout preconstruction and construction. By implementing Lean methods, we have built trust amongst clients, design teams, and subcontractors to solidify the team and collaborative atmosphere. Lean will continue to save time and money on our construction projects.”

– Bryan Riehle,
Director of Preconstruction,
Oswald Company

One of the many positive outcomes of implementing Last Planner® is the trust built among the client, construction manager and subcontractors. Each subcontractor Foreman collaborates on construction activities and duration to help develop the best plan possible to execute the project. Our project team meets before any work is put into place, and continues meeting weekly to coordinate work, plan deliveries and solve problems before they might negatively impact the job.

Everyone has ownership in the successful outcome of the project, and everyone reaps the benefits of a shortened schedule, less corrective work and greater profitability.