Oswald Company Gives Back to the Community to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

CINCINNATI, OHIO – February 18, 2016 – Oswald Company hosted nearly 200 friends and business associates in their new home on 8th Street to celebrate 25 years in business. As guests entered the building they were greeted with a map of the new space and a $25 donation voucher.

Stepping off the elevator onto the 5th floor, attendees found an information table with directions to place their donation voucher into one of three glass vases marked for three local charities – Boys Hope Girls Hope, Cincinnati Squash Academy, and Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center. Each of these organizations is doing wonderful things to support our Cincinnati inner-city youth.

Oswald Company was excited to find a way to bring the business community together with the non-profit community at their celebration of 25 successful years in Cincinnati. Ken Oswald, CEO, explained, “Providing visibility to these three organizations was a great opportunity to support Cincinnati’s youth.” Oswald has been a longtime supporter of the arts in Cincinnati.

After the event concluded, each vase containing the $25 open house vouchers was emptied and counted. Boys Hope Girls Hope rounded out the night with 80 vouchers in their vase, totaling $2,000. The Cincinnati Squash Academy finished with 25 vouchers and the Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center concluded with 30 vouchers. In the spirit of charity, Oswald Company will match BHGH’s $2,000 donation to CSA and CATC.