Evergreen Retirement Community

Oswald Company’s relationship with Evergreen began with the construction of an 18,000 SF Assisted Living facility. Since completing the first project, Oswald has been selected to manage multiple projects at Evergreen, ranging from exterior improvements and building maintenance to interior renovations. Oswald recently managed a multi-year/multi-phase renovation project.  Phase I included the exterior renovation of the historic Evergreen Mansion and Building One, including re-roofing one building.  Phase II included the replacement of patio decks, exterior doors, and windows across the campus, as well as interior renovations.  Phase III entailed balcony and chimney replacement, as well as re-roofing all remaining buildings.

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  • Client: Evergreen Retirement Community
  • Architect: Cole + Russell Architects
  • Project Type: Renovation
  • Square Footage: 35,000
  • Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk