Thompson Hine

Oswald was retained early in the project cycle by Thompson Hine to evaluate multiple locations including an in-place renovation of their existing office space. Following Thompson Hine’s decision to lease two floors within the Scripps Building, Oswald provided preconstruction services and construction management services to follow. The complete renovation of the 19th and 20th floors included attorney offices, conference rooms, support spaces such as library and food service, along with client-facing event space. Oswald worked with Thompson Hine, GBBN and the design consultants to ensure the client’s functional and design requirements met their budget. The result is a beautiful, class-A office space with wood and glass features, custom ceilings and feature walls, spacious attorney offices and event space with views of the Riverfront.

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  • Client: Thompson Hine
  • Architect: GBBN
  • Project Type: Corporate
  • Square Footage: 53,000 SF
  • Delivery Method: CM at Risk