Top 2020 Construction Trends to Know

So far, 2020 has seen many new trends in the construction industry. From new technology to a greater emphasis on personal and environmental safety, these trends are here to stay. Check out some of the top trends we’ve noticed in our projects below!

1. Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented Reality has quickly become a staple in the modern construction industry. For the construction company, it allows for the automated measuring of buildings, safety training and hazard simulations, and 3D visualization of a project on the surrounding environment. AR also makes the project tangible for potential buyers. Being able to see their project in a 3D medium is often helpful when a client is on the fence about a decision.

2. 3D Printing
In the construction industry, 3D printing is used to create components of a construction project, create 3D models of completed buildings, and more. 3D printing also offers a variety of benefits to the overall construction process, including reduced waste, reduced accidents, and reduced cost.

3. Green Technology & Sustainability
Incorporating sustainability into construction projects is another trend that will most likely remain. Green construction refers to building projects in environmentally-friendly ways and covers all stages of a project, from planning to completion. The design of the building reflects this emphasis on sustainability as well. For example, a building may have a greater number of windows to allow for an ample amount of natural light, thus reducing electricity usage.

4. Safety Equipment
The emphasis on worker safety has only grown over the last several years and is only expected to continue in the right direction. From stricter policies on personal protective equipment (PPE) to more frequent checks of machinery, the heightened standards of safety equipment will only continue.

5. Drones
Drones allow for a quick, easy survey of the entire project. Workers can complete safety inspections, ensure deliveries, and check in on multiple projects at once. Not only do they help with worker safety, they can help keep projects moving swiftly along without much disruption.


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