Industry Trends

Charlie Pond: Development Trends in 2018


Each quarter we will introduce a member of our team to share their real-time perspective of current construction industry trends and thoughts for the future as it relates to their particular role… Meet Charlie Pond, VP Development Over my 20 years in the construction industry, I have worked through all facets of development and construction,…

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Adding Value to the Trade Industry (Part 03)

It’s no secret that the construction industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. But for all its ups and downs, one thing that has remained constant is the demand for the skilled trades.

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Bringing Back the Tradesmen (Part 02)

Where have all the tradesmen gone? This is one of the most prevalent – and important – questions being asked in the construction industry today. Although the market has moderately rebounded from the throes of the Great Recession, many of the effects of the prolonged slump in housing and construction are still lingering. 

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Where Have All the Tradesmen Gone? (Part 01)

A tradesman working on a Oswald Company project.

The trade industry has undergone a seismic shift over the past couple of decades. Technological developments, cultural changes and the lingering effects of the Great Recession have all contributed to what many experts see as a troubling trend: A lack of skilled tradesmen in today’s workforce.

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