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The Case for Sustainable Construction Practices

As the sustainability movement continues to grow, focus in our industry has turned towards sustainable construction practices. The evolution of techniques, certifications, and products has greatly influenced the way contractors and clients view their builds. From sourcing sustainable materials to LEED certification, Oswald has been continuously expanding our sustainable practices. The construction industry can make…

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Construction Co-Op

The Importance of Oswald’s Construction Co-Op

It’s no secret that the construction industry has experienced a continued labor shortage for the past decade. One way Oswald is working to combat this shortage is by working with local universities to give on-site experience to students. By providing students with high-quality, real-world experience, we’re giving students the opportunity to gain the knowledge required…

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Personal Protective Equipment

Construction Safety

At Oswald, construction safety is about more than meeting regulations and saving money, it’s about making sure everyone on the team makes it home safely to their families day-after-day. Safety is our number one priority, on and off the jobsite. Previously, Oswald has participated in National Safety Sand-Down Week. This is an important annual event…

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My First Co-Op Experience, Still Learning Through a Pandemic

Starting my co-op experience back in January, I didn’t know what to expect since I had never been on a job site before. I was very excited to learn about the building process and its entirety. My jobsite is a renovation and addition of the Hill-Rom Innovation Center in Batesville, Indiana. This site was specifically…

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Top 2020 Construction Trends to Know

So far, 2020 has seen many new trends in the construction industry. From new technology to a greater emphasis on personal and environmental safety, these trends are here to stay. Check out some of the top trends we’ve noticed in our projects below! 1. Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality has quickly become a staple in…

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